Summer round up


PD Woody retired from TVP having worked as a search dog since he was a pup. He spent his last day assisting with Warrants in High Wycombe & has gone on to settle into his retirement.

PD Chunky served for many years in Hampshire as a Drugs/Cash & Weapons search dog. He’s now putting his paws up with one of our handlers & enjoying life as a pensioner. 

PD Oz – Served for over 6yrs as an Explosive Detection Dog in Hampshire & Thames Valley. Oz has put his paws up with a member of his handlers family & is having a fantastic time with one of our handlers & enjoying life as a pensioner. 


PD Nika – This handsome lad was a Firearms Support & General Purpose Dog, who served in both Hampshire & TVP. He was one not to be messed with & ensured numerous criminals were brought to justice. He has settled well into the retiree club & is enjoying putting his paws up. 


PD Grayson – Worked as a drugs/cash/firearms search dog from 2013 to 2020, primarily in the North Hampshire area. Grayson attended the NATO summit in Cardiff, Boomtown Festival four times and countless warrants across Hampshire & Thames Valley.

Grayson’s talents didn’t end at searching, he was also know for his ability to comfort colleagues deployed on difficult tasks and victims of crime being particularly sensitive to people having mental health episodes….Grayson, fondly known as ‘Fenton’ by his handler has more than earned his retirement.


PD Poppy

Poppy was a very special search dog who retired last year along with her handler having served Hampshire & TVP for many years. 

Poppy traveled the country on high profile murders, missing persons and disasters. Her handler described her as a ‘Very special PD in her career locating numerous victims of crimes, missing persons and victims of accidents allowing families closure & returning loved ones to them’. 

Poppy sadly crossed the rainbow bridge this year after an illness and is greatly missed.