Need our help?
Are you the owner of a retired dog?
Eligible dogs must meet the criteria for the opportunity to request financial assistance and use discounts from our sponsors and partners.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Dogs must be licensed/operational for Thames Valley or Hants Police dog sections/fire service at point of retirement.
  • Brood bitches must have produced 2 or more litters under Police breeding scheme.
  • Dogs used for financial gain/reward after the point of retirement, ie security work, breeding, scent detection work will be considered at the discretion of pensions4paws. The length of service and circumstances in which retirement was served will be considered.
      • Dogs that are retailed from TVP/Hants JOU dog section will not be eligible at any time.
      • Retrospective requests for assistance can be made dependent on the circumstances, this will be at the discretion of pensions4paws.
      • Requests for assistance require a copy of payment from owner of the retired dog ie. Vet bill, receipt for Hydro etc. (this must be a headed receipt of full payment with dog name and date).
      Owners of retired dogs must register themselves with Pensions4Paws before requesting assistance. This can be done by clicking the button below.
      Step 1 - Register your dog
      Step 2 - Request financial assistance